EXO-M Facts

1. It’s obvious to know if Kris likes that friend. If he likes you he bullies you, if he doesn’t he will ignore you.

2. Tao goes online to collect fan taken HD pics to set as mobile wallpaper.

3. Lay is a good and mature person.

4. Kris said what type of apple is tasty, what type of apple is not tasty in his dreams.

5. Luhan is a mischievous person & is very keen on football.

6. Luhan catches cold easily, when he does, the amount of tissue he uses in the dorm is counted in dozens.

7. Tao & Xiumin are closer.

8. Xiumin is academically smart, although he’s humble.

9. Chen is a hardworking person, give him some time, you’ll discover his charms.

10. Kris is excellent in basketball, NBA must recruit him.

11. Kris isn’t satisfied after piercing his ears, that’s why he has many holes.

11. Who says Kris & Luhan are not in good terms?

12. Tao is sensitive. There was a period when he was hurt. He was happier during trainee period, although many people envied him.

13. Tao doesn’t rely on Kris, he wants to be good to everyone, if he thinks you dislike him, he’ll leave automatically.

14. M mainly converse in Korean with some Chinese phrases. They call all types of nicknames & change then frequently.

15. About M & K sending videos,some of them have MSN.They recorded the video & sent through email.

16. Xiumin’s voice cracked the next day because of screaming.

17. Tao says being romantic is to watch night view alone at night.

18. Tao said he looked like Edison Chen before.

19. Luhan & Lay: everyone be careful of airport safety.

20. Lay said, the toothpaste is put on a fixed position, one morning Kris wasn’t fully awake & used the facial cleanser to brush teeth & put it at the toothpaste position.

21. Xiumin folds clothes neatly, just like those in hypermarkets.

22. Chen always loses in games, Kris & Lay also often lose.

23. Lay is used to sleeping with Luhan, so he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he changes roommate

24. Lay and Luhan tried to dance (a kind of cheesy traditional chinese opera song-dance duet kind of item) in the practice room before

25. Chen is a gentle person.

26. Lay’s ringtone is “Falling in Love with the Future You” (the song Luhan covered)

27. Lay watches Japanese drama. He likes Japanese culture.

28. Luhan likes to steal Lay’s snacks.

29. If any socks in the dorm are damaged, it must have been worn by Lay or Tao.

30. Kris and Luhan are the laziest members in EXO-M

31. Luhan has mostly girlfriend.

32. Luhan argues with Lay sometimes but their fight is very hilarious to watch.

33. Lu Han does not hide the fact that he is a hardcore fanboy of his TVXQ!

34. Luhan is a germaphobe, he won’t even let anyone sit on his bed.

35. Luhan is allergic to seafood.

36. Luhan is afraid of heights.

37. Xiumin likes blueberry flavored ice cream, Lulu likes mint.

38. Luhan doesn’t like people touching his head.

40. Chen doesn’t like people touching his ears.

41. According to the other EXO-M members, Luhan is the member with the most to say.

42. Chen sleeps a lot and can go to sleep easily.

43. Tao can’t go out without his mask & MP3.

44. Kris doesn’t like talking about his family.

45. Lay’s first impression of Luhan was that he thought Luhan was manly because of his very short hair. Now he thinks Luhan is really pretty.

46. Xiumin believes in love at first sight.

47. Tao was rumored to have 8 girlfriends at the same time.

48. When Tao first met Xiumin in Korea, he greeted him with “Oppa, annyeonghaseyo”.

49. Xiumin made the deepest impression on Luhan since he thought Xiumin looked really cute and were the same age.

50. Kris likes to call Chen “Chen Chen” because it is cuter. Calling him Chen feels stiff.

51. Before debut, Chen learned Chinese for 6 Months.

52. Chen is the only one who tells everyone else that Tao’s eyes are not dark circles but natural eye bags.

53. Lay and Kris put on eye masks when sleeping.

54. When Tao speaks in Korean, Xiumin is always the first to understand what he says.

55. The other members are already used to Tao saying “Duizhang is very handsome”

56. Luhan would play jokes on their manager.

57. Luhan and Tao were hit with a cushion by Lay because they got caught eating his snacks.

58. It would always take Kris a long time to bath, and Chen gets frustrated because of this.

59. Tao and Xiumin love anime and K-drama.

60. Lay would immediately throw his rubbish away while Luhan throws them away in bulk.

61. Every time Lay sees Luhan, he would feel like playing whack-a-mole.

62. During the trainee period, Tao and Xiumin like to wrap their arms around each others shoulders and they have this habit till now.

63. Lay often makes fun of Kris because his moves are too stiff.

64 When EXO-M’s manager laughs, he looks like Luhan.

65. Lay is calm on stage, but in private the members call him a hyperactive kid.

66. Chen likes to watch cartoons.

67. Luhan asked Yunho for an autograph when he met him for the first time in the company

68. There was a time where Kris was forced to act cute on a show. After the show, some fans witnessed Luhan slapping his thighs laughing at Kris.

69. Luhan enjoys creating “chaos” together with Lay.

70. Kris and Luhan interact with each other really manly.

71. In private, Kris is also very in expressive, strict and at the same time affectionate, responsible, but not very good at expressing himself with words. However, he’s only a 22 year old boy, so he also has his moments of being immature and childish.

72. When Luhan sleeps he has this habit of putting an arm under his pillow. He says it’s more comfortable that way.

73. Tempers: Every member has it. Luhan is the type who will voice out if he is angry unlike Lay who would bottle it up inside and keep it till he explode.

74. Tao and Kris are actually very similar to each other. Also fans, do not give Tao any more bags, what he needs now is a hair band. [?]

75. Lay is always made fun the most in M, Luhan was the most popular guy in his high school back then.

76. Tao teaches the other members wushu in the dorms.

77. Kris does his beauty regimen before sleeping

78. Tao prefers having cats over other animals and reportedly he takes care of a black cat.

79. Tao’s favorite color is blue, and his hand phone case is blue and white color.

80. At the airport, just after EXO debuted, there were about only twenty fans waiting for EXO-M. The fans were following them around, and one fan accidently bumped into a toddler. And Lay glanced back in worry and told her to be careful.

81. Previously Luhan was a trainee at JYPE, but in 2008 he moved to the SME as a trainee exchange.

82. In a fast food restaurant near the SM building, a fan spotted someone who looked like Lay, but this guy was extremely fluent in Korean, so she had her doubts. She went over and hesitantly asked if he was EXO-M’s Lay. Lay looked up while munching on his burger and the manager told her sorry but no when the fan asked for an autograph. After the manager and Lay were done eating, the fan quickly got out a CD to ask again for an autograph before they left the place. But Lay walked over to her table first, greeted her, and signed the CD. He smiled at her and he grabbed a taxi for her too afterwards.

83. Not too long ago, a Chinese sasaeng fan went up to Xiumin when he was with Luhan. She thought Luhan wasn’t listening, so she spoke humiliating words to Xiumin about the Xiuhan pairing (?). Xiumin, since his Chinese still isn’t that good, didn’t understand what she was saying, but Luhan heard and did. He got really angry, grabbed Xiumin by his wrist, and dragged him into their dorm.

84. When Kris sees Tao, he will have the urge to punch him because he’s asking for it.

85. Lay used one of Luhan’s chopper plushie as a pillow.

86. Luhan doesn’t wash his denim jeans, because he heard from Tao that denim jeans shouldn’t be washed.

87. Xiumin seems to be gaining weight recently.

88. Lay likes to lean in very close to the person’s face while talking.

89. Lay says that Tao is more playful than Kris, and 90. Kris is sexier than Tao.

91. Chen says that Tao’s pet peeve is stinginess.

92. Tao and Kris will kiss each other

93. Chen is very humorous, he often makes Xiumin laugh loudly

94. Luhan and Lay knows a lot of internet terms and slangs.

95. Tao really likes to hug the members, his roommate Xiumin is already used to it

96. Tao’s ridiculous logic always infuriates Kris

97. Kris doesn’t like to play games, but his standard is higher than Tao. The IQ proves everything.

98. Luhan often helps Yixing put on medicine, warning him that a bad waist makes it difficult to have children in the future.

99. At the dorm, Luhan, Tao and Lay often talk to Ace, Kris will come up to them strictly and say “Do not teach my son bad things” and then take Ace away.

100. Xiumin said that sometimes Lay forgot to brush his teeth because of their packed schedules.

101. When Kris is in junior high, his diary was stolen by a girl who likes him.

102. Members revealed that during their trainee days, Luhan accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking & then he blamed it on Kris.

(source: Nina Park of Blogger)



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