EXO Facts

All About EXO-M & EXO-K

1. Kai likes to pat on people’s shoulders. (Chinese normally don’t like people doing that because it’s said that there are 3 flames on forehead & each side of shoulders, so it’s like putting off the flames) that’s why the Chinese members will sometimes pat him back & he will look strangely at them.

2. Baekhyun’s personality is similar to Tao’s. He looks tough outside but is actually sensitive. (Be careful when leaving comments, they might get hurt when they see hurtful comments.)

3. There was a period of time when the members thought Sehun & Kris looked alike.

4. The members don’t really like soft toys.

5. Trainee life is in groups, you have to make good relations with everyone.

6. About Kai, Lay & Tao’s waist hurt, it can come back anytime, moreover they practice hard.

7. M is close among each other, some K members are close to M members.

8. EXO have Tieba accounts.

9. Kai & Tao have the darkest skin in the group. When everyone gathers, whenever these 2 speak, everyone will pretend that they can hear but can’t see where they are (because they are too dark).

10. The Hunhan couple you ship is talked as jokes among the members because they are close.

11. Sehun likes to visit M’s dorm.

12. Kai and Luhan shared an apple before.

13. Chanyeol likes to knock people’s heads, but he never knocked Kris and Luhan’s before.

14. Kai once lost a bet, so he stripped and danced in the practice room, Luhan filmed it (MISSION TO HIJACK LULU’S IPHONE PL0X).

15. Luhan will purposely show Kai his derp photos and imitate his facial expressions. Kai will take Luhan’s photos and show it to people who don’t know Luhan and claim that it’s his sister.

16. Chanyeol, Luhan and Kai laughs the easiest. It is not obvious for Kai because he’s usually sleepy during the day. Sehun says that the 3 of them can go perform for the circus together.

17. When there’s no practice or schedules, M will go over to K’s dorm to play.

18. Chanyeol likes to dance battle with Kris, Chen will be the judge. When Kai sees them, he can only sigh and lie on the floor with Luhan while laughing at them.

19. Luhan likes to imitate Kai’s dancing, especially during the screamo and crotch grabbing part.

20. Kai is very satisfied in his chinese language skills. Luhan used to laugh at him, but D.O feels that Kai speaks chinese very well.

21. Chanyeol is very satisfied with his dancing skills, he used to teach Kris. Chen is a dancing machine and Xiumin strongly supports him.

22. Even though everyone says that those are eye bags, they still think that Tao has dark eye rings.

23. Chanyeol is the heaviest at 75kg, followed by Tao and Kris, and Luhan is the lightest at less than 60kg.

24. EXO and SHINee are REALLY close.

25. The original plan is for EXO-K to have 7 members and EXO-M to have 5 only.

26. Lay’s blood type is A,Kris’s blood type is O,Sehun’s blood type is O,Kai’s blood type is A,D.O’s blood type is A,Baekhyun’s blood type is O,Suho’s blood type is AB and Chanyeol is blood type A.

27. When EXO-M almost had a car accident, Baekhyun and Sehun cried the most, and Kai joined them to cry.

28. Before debut, the members practiced MAMA for 3-4 months

29. All 12 members love eating junk food. You can develop muscles by just picking up the rubbish left behind.

30. After knowing about “Hunhan”, Sehun and Luhan felt very shy

31. Baekhyun thinks he looks like Lu Han when he laughs.

32. The K members have all seen Lay’s pre-debut variety segment in a show where he sang

33. Luhan taught Sehun how to play the Rubik’s cube, but Sehun doesn’t know how to fix it till now.

34. Suho would always brood on Kris’ height.

35. Chen likes hitting, and his victims would either be Tao or Chanyeol.

36. Chanyeol envies Sehun’s hair.

37. In private, Kai and Sehun doesn’t use honorifics with Tao.

38. Sehun patted Tao’s backside at SMTown’s press conference.

39. Se Hun seems to be conjoined with Luhan because wherever Luhan is, he would also be there with him.

40. Actually Luhan is not as obsessed towards bubble teas as much as Sehun is. In fact, Tao loves bubble teas more than him. Kris also likes Coke.

41. Kris is 187cm tall; shoe size 43. Chanyeol is 185cm tall; shoe size 46.

42. Chanyeol loves to play around. He blanks out easily but he is full of ideas, and when he is together with Luhan the both of them will brainstorm on what pranks to play.

42. Tao likes to play with Baekhyun.

43. Luhan and Sehun always visit the bubble tea shop near the company.

44. All the members like bubble tea.

45. Kris and Suho have more private lives than the other members.

46. Baekhyun forces Tao to call him “hyung”

47. The members know about “Hunhan” (During Tao and Luhan’s birthday party, they also called them Hunhan)

48. Lay knows how to dance Baekhyun’s “light dance

49. Sehun doesn’t use honorifics when talking to Luhan in private

50. Kris really likes Chanyeol’s personality

51. During trainee times, Sehun and Tao had many classes together, so they’re close

52. Chen and Baekhyun call themselves dancing machines in private

53. M & K likes to surf the net during break time, they’re very clear of what the fans are doing


(source: Gretulee of fanpop)


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